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2021 Winston Tour Schedule / Concept
Stormblast44 - 10/11/2020 - 6.5 kb - 54 User Downloads  
Posted By: Stormblast44  
So this is a concept Schedule for an alternative racing series. The 2021 Winston Stock Car Tour. The idea is all the cars would be equal. Fury Racing built chassis, FiveStar Composite bodies with choice of Chevy, Ford, Dodge or Toyota. Equal engines built by PME Engineering. Cars would be equal, and inexpensive. The series would be designed to compete with NASCAR as an alternative racing product. Included in this download is a schedule and 2 readme files. The readme files suggest using the 2018 MENCS mod and downloading burtonbraves 2018 ALT Universe carset and Crazyboys 2018 Quicksilver Cup Carset and than explains what drivers and team names etc. should go with each car in a "realistic" world. I did not paint any of those cars nor did i ask permission to suggest using them offline. They are not included in this download you have to go find them yourself. *This schedule will work with any cup mod or cars, its just a suggestion* The 2nd readme explains the track choices and where to get them. No active NASCAR tracks are included and this was meant to be as realistic as possible as if another racing series started up. Thank You.
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